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To Liberals
A Brief Message to Liberal Readers

Before you reject my analysis solely on the basis of the nature of this website or my qualifications, I'd just ask you to consider the following:
  1. About Blogs. While many blogs are filled with lies, that doesn't mean that all blogs are. Please read my articles and check my sources (that's why I bothered to cite them) before concluding that my site should be ignored simply because it's a blog.

  2. About My Expertise. True, I'm not an economist. However, neither are most of our politicians. Only 1 out of 15 members in Congress has a formal degree in economics . The other 14 out of 15 don't have a significantly different formal education in economics than I do--nor does President Obama, Vice President Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
I welcome disagreement but I find it intellectually lazy for people to say "it's just a blog" or "he's not an economist" as an excuse to ignore the possible validity of the content.

If you're a liberal and have read all the way to this final paragraph, I offer you my thanks and respect. We'll probably disagree on most things but I thank you for taking the time to read and consider my positions. If you disagree with me and are so inclined, I'd welcome the opportunity to hear from you and consider your positions and your critiques of mine.