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Free The Delegates   June 19th, 2016
RNC Delegates need to select a conservative nominee       


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Efforts are underway to make sure the delegates of the RNC Convention know they have not only the ability, but the responsibility to vote their conscience in choosing the Republican nominee for president.

Some people question this movement and ask, "Why?"

Trump has no discernible principles for conservatives to rally behind. He’s failing to do adequate fundraising. He continues to alienate more and more people--both in the conservative movement as well as in the general electorate--and as a result he has the highest negative ratings of any presumptive nominee of a major party in modern elections. And while Trump’s negative ratings continue to increase, he continues to plummet in the polls by an increasing margin such that--if things continue on their current course--Hillary will likely win in a landslide.

But even if he were to win, there’s little reason to believe he’d govern as a conservative.

In just the time since he became the sole candidate, Trump has espoused liberal viewpoints when he speaks off-the-cuff on matters of life, the 2nd Amendment, taxes, the federal debt and deficit, money-printing, the minimum wage, and he’s backed the more moderate candidate in a congressional race (she lost her primary). Someone who had any actual conviction in conservative principles wouldn’t “accidentally” say such liberal things so often.

Indeed, for most Republicans, the only reason to vote for Trump is because we’ve been trained for years that we must defeat Hillary at all cost, so we assume nobody could be worse. Ignored is the possibility that Trump is every bit as bad as Hillary. They both have a history of supporting liberal candidates for public office. They both have a history (and to some extent, a present) of supporting further encroachments on the 2nd Amendment. They both think Planned Parenthood does good things. They both thought 0bama’s stimulus package was good. Both cringe at the concept of American Exceptionalism. And neither can be counted on to support and defend the Constitution--Hillary because she disagrees with it, Trump because he probably hasn’t read it.

The reality is that, even in the unlikely event that he won, Trump doesn’t exhibit any grounding in the important conservative and Constitutional principles we’ve been fighting for. But most likely it doesn’t matter anyway since Trump will almost certainly lose in a landslide, handing the U.S. Senate to Hillary while he’s at it.

Given such a lose-lose proposition, it is the responsibility of the elected delegates to vote their conscience at the Convention and select a nominee who more closely represents the Republican’s conservative platform--not to mention has a chance of winning in November.

The truth is that if the delegates exercise their responsibility to choose a conservative to be the Republican Party nominee, it will be a messy election. Many hard-core Trump supporters will be upset and refuse to vote for the Republican nominee. Trump may even decide to run as an independent candidate as he’s threatened to do ever since he got in the race--an unusual threat for a front-runner to make. The Republican nominee would go into the election with some serious headwinds and a very uncertain outcome.

As it stands now, conservatives are facing an almost certain defeat. With the current course, Hillary will win in a landslide. But even if Trump wins, he’s unlikely to govern conservatively.

At the RNC Convention next month, delegates must be strong and vote their conscience. They must stand up to the bullying they will likely receive. They will have to put up with insults and mockery. They’ll have to be able to stand tall even when others claim their efforts are going to elect Hillary. Delegates must do these things because despite the bullying, mockery, insults, and accusations they’ll be subjected to, they know the alternative is that conservatism won’t even be on the ballot in November.

Some things are worth fighting for. The future of the United States of America is one of those things.

And so many have sacrificed so much more.

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