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New Article: On the Loss of the Douglas County School Board   November 13th, 2017

Conservatives have long said we need to hold our elected officials accountable. But that can't just mean we hold opposition elected officials accountable. We have to hold our preferred elected officials accountable, too, or the community will do it for us... like they did in these last two school board elections.  Continue reading the article...


Past Article: Colorado GOP Must Elect a Pro-Caucus State Chairman   January 24th, 2017

With the changes to Colorado Election Law passed last year that allow the State Central Committee to decide whether the party wants to choose candidates by caucus or primary--and given that the State Central Committee normally supports whatever the state chairman asks for--whether the Colorado GOP continues to have a caucus and continues to be a relevant political organization will most likely depend on who is elected as Colorado GOP Chairman in March.  Continue reading the article...


Past Article: Free The Delegates   June 19th, 2016

In just the time since he became the sole candidate, Trump has espoused liberal viewpoints when he speaks off-the-cuff on matters of life, the 2nd Amendment, taxes, the federal debt and deficit, money-printing, the minimum wage, and he’s backed the more moderate candidate in a congressional race (she lost her primary). Someone who had any actual conviction in conservative principles wouldn’t “accidentally” say such liberal things so often.  Continue reading the article...


Past Article: The Unsoundness of Social Security   October 7th, 2012

The belief that Social Security is "solvent" through 2034 is nonsense. Social Security is already running deficits and is only being sustained by cashing in government bonds--and those bonds can only be paid by the federal government as long as it can borrow the money from the public. Social Security is only as "solvent" as the federal government, and it's very unlikely that the federal government will be able to make good on all the money it owes to Social Security through 2034. And once the federal government is unable to make good on those obligations, Social Security is bankrupt.  Continue reading the article...